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Margaret L. Smyth attends the Opening of her new show

Artist Margaret L. Smyth attended the private view of her first solo show in the South of the UK at Bohun Gallery today. Her new collection of work, created especially for the show, is entitled 'Travelling South' and she was able to explain to visitors a little about the way the theme came together:

I was thinking about the title and wondered about Travelling South. This could suggest the warmer waters of the Adriatic - quite a contrast to the wild waves of the North Sea that my studio looks out on to! The idea of Venice came as much from a yearning to visit Italy again, but I think sometimes not actually being there allows more scope for dreaming up more poetic compositions

The subject matter often has a theatrical element and I like to think I have a cast of theatrical characters who appear and reappear rather randomly in different combinations, sizes and scenarios. I may start with the general idea of the composition but it inevitably changes and develops as I paint. In this way I can see an underlying story beginning to emerge. In some of the work for 'Travelling South' my cast of characters have become itinerant performers making their way to Venice for the carnival, although Venice itself does not appear. Some of them travel in hot air balloons and others sail across the lagoon from the Lido and in one case are stranded on the Lido. They don't yet have their Carnival Masks - perhaps they are going to find them when they arrive in Venice .

The show continues until 12th May.

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