Prue Piper

Prue Piper has worked in ceramic for over 30 years. Equipped with the kiln from John Piper's Fawley Bottom studio, she experiments with all sorts of objects both functional and purely decorative.
'There's a lot of fun in turning an idea into a solid object. When throwing a pot, shapes form under the hand. They can be added to, distorted, modified by turning. The fun is in the problem solving, the disappointment in failing'.
coloured, spotted, stippled, marbled and moulded in low-relief, all of Prue's pots breathe unrestrained delight. She is inspired by both Designed to amuse and cheer, they also challenge accepted canons of taste.

Her works shows a wide range of influences and she cites early Neolithic and Bronze Age objects as well as medieval gargoyles and the enduring 'Green Man'. This collection also features designs inspired by the diversity of wing patterns of our native moths.

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