John Piper

* * Bohun Gallery is delighted to confirm a SOLO SHOW entitled 'John Piper: A Very English Artist' opening May 2018. To receive further details, please contact the gallery directly. * *John Piper was born in 1903. The son of a successful London solicitor, he studied law until the age of twenty-three when his father died, and in 1926 he began his long artistic career, first at the Richmond School of Art and then under Sir William Rothenstein at the Royal College of Art.

From 1926 to 1940 John Piper supplemented his income by reviewing art, books and plays and began to make a reputation by illustrating his articles for the Architectural Review with his own drawings. During this time, he was active with his paintings and in the years from 1939 to 1940 they began to sell. In 1940, John Piper was appointed an official war artist.

In 1941 he produced the first series of drawings of Windsor Castle for H.M. The Queen, the late Queen Mother, and his work became increasingly prized and sought after.

After the war and in the 1950's John Piper was a Trustee of the Tate Gallery and, later, of the National Gallery and a member of the Arts Council Art Panel. In 1959 for nineteen years he became a member of the Royal Fine Art Commission and in 1971 he was appointed a Companion of Honour in recognition of his services to art. From 1937 he worked and lived at his studio farmhouse in Oxfordshire with his wife Myfanway.

Apart from his paintings and graphics John Piper is also well known for his stained glass windows for the new Coventry Cathedral, the windows for Eton College Chapel and in collaboration with Patrick Reyntiens for Liverpool's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

From 1940 John Piper held many solo exhibitions and his works are exhibited in galleries throughout the world, from the Tate Gallery, London to the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

John Piper worked in the graphics field for many years, having started Contemporary Lithographs in 1936 in co-operation with Robert Wellington and the Curwen and Baynard Press. In 1964, Marlborough published twenty-four original lithographs called "A Retrospective of Churches" which is one of his best known suites of graphics.
In 1983 the Tate Gallery held a retrospective of John Piper's work to celebrate his eightieth birthday. The Bohun Gallery has long been associated with John Piper, and continues to exhibit his work on a regular basis.

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John Piper and the Church
21st April - 10th June 2012 To view a clip of the exhibition:
Click here

'John Piper and the Church' was an important loan exhibition of paintings, stained glass and tapestry designs, drawings and ecclesiastical vestments. Curated by Patricia Jordan Evans, Director of Bohun Gallery, on behalf of the Friends of Dorchester Abbey as a celebration of HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Please contact the Bohun Gallery for a copy of the catalogue.

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A Study for the Risen Christ in the House at Emmaus VERSO: Welsh Chapel, Trefach, 1958

Oil on canvas
24 x 20 ins

A VERSO: Capel Seion, Trefach, 1953

Oil on canvas
20 x 24 ins

Aberfan, 1962

Mixed media on paper
8¾ x 13½ ins

Anglesey Beach, 1963

22 x 17.5 ins

Avoncroft Museum 42/75, 1976

Brittany Beach, 1961

Mixed media & collage
22 x 29½ ins

Buckden in a Storm, 1977

Silkscreen, limited ed. of 100
22.5 x 33.5 ins

Ceres and Proserpine, 1990

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
16½ x 21¾ ins

Chantry House, 84/100, 1983

18 x 26.5 ins

Chiesa della Salute, 1960

Screenprinted Sanderlin textile
18 x 25 ins

Clamecy, Burgundy 85/100, 1985

30.5 x 23 ins

Clytha Castle, 1976

Lithograph, ed. of 90
10 x 15 ins

Clytha Castle 70/90, 1976

10 x 15 ins

Clytha Castle Triptych, 1981

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
28.7 x 23.25 ins

Corton Church, Suffolk, 1971

Silkscreen, ed. of 75
19 x 27½ ins

Coventry Cathedral Cartoon (B118), 1959

Mixed media & collage
52 x 29 ins

Death in Venice VII 25/70, 1973

31 x 27 ins

Death in Venice: Side Panel Right, 1973

30 x 27 ins

Dorchester Abbey

Duchene Fountain, Blenheim, 1989

23.5 x 16.5 ins

Eye and Camera, Marble, Red and Black, 1973

27½ x 18 ins

Eye and Camera: Flame Four, 1967

47.9 x 65.9 cms

Figures from a Seal, 1954

8¼ x 6 ins

Florence Relief, 1967

Lithograph, ed. of 50 (stamped)
18.5 x 25.7 ins

Foliate Head, frieze, 1983

Screen Printed
14 x 45 ins

India Love Poems I, 1977


India Love Poems II, 1977


Kelham Hall, 1977

18¾ x 27¼ ins

Les Junies, 1989

Etching & aquatint
16 x 22 ins

Lewknor, 1964

Mixed media & collage
19¾ x 27½ ins

Lewknor 36/70, 1964


Llan y Blodwell, Shropshire, 1964

25.98 x 17.72 ins

Long Sutton, 1985

24 x 32½ ins

Malmesbury, Wiltshire; the South Porch, 1964

22 x 30 ins

Montpellier-de-Didonne, Charente, 1968

30¼ x 22 ins

Moreton Corbet, 1976

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
18 x 39 ins

Near Venice, 1960

Mixed media
13.25 x 20.75 ins

Northern Cathedral, 1962

Screenprinted Sanderlin textile
19 x 46 ins

Nude I AP, 1986

Etching & aquatint
19½ x 12½ ins

Prometheus, 1954

8.5 x 5.75 ins

Pyrton Manor


Santa Maria Maddelena, Rome, 1962

Mixed media
12 x 9 ins

Shadwell Park, near Thetford, 1977

24 x 31½ ins

St Amand-de-Coly, Dordogne, 1968

22¾ x 30½ ins

St Anne's, Limehouse, 1964

Lithograph, edition of 70
28 x 19 ins

St James the Less, Westminster, 1964

27 x 20¼ ins

Stowe, 1983

First Edition Book, ed. of 300

Stowe Triptych, 1986

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
24 x 21¼ ins

Study for Death in Venice, c1972

Mixed media on paper
14½ x 22½ ins

Sunflowers at Marignac, 1956

Lithograph, ed. of 75
16½ x 22 ins

Terrace with Morning Glories, 1987

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
19.25 x 26.75 ins

The Forum, Rome, 1962

Mixed media on paper
9½ x 13¾ ins

The Grotto, Hallswell, Somerset, 1987

Silkscreen, ed. of 70
18 x 24 ins

The Quest 36/100


Tresianwen, 1980

Mixed media
15 x 21.5 ins

Vezelay Tympanum, 1970

Mixed media on paper
22 x 30½ ins

Westminster School II, 1961

Lithograph, ed. of 100
22.5 x 32 ins

Windsor Castle, 1948

Yellow Flowers, 1987

Etching & aquatint, ed. of 100
16 x 21.5 ins

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