John Maltby

Born in 1936, John Maltby is recognised as one of the country's finest ceramic artists. He studied sculpture at Leicester and Goldsmith's College, London and taught painting for two and half years. From 1962-64 he worked with David Leach at Bovey Tracy and then started his own workshop in Devon. 1996 major heart surgery made any strenuous work at the potter's wheel impossible, but his passion for working with clay continued and he began to create the small sculptural figures for which he is most recently known.

John Maltby's figures and creatures holding a wit and profundity that reflect the human condition and are inextricably linked to the English landscape and experience.

John Maltby writes:

My work continues to draw its inspiration from the 'Englishness' of my experience. Although many of the subjects re-appear, I aim to place them both in a traditional continuum (a continuous reference to my cultural heritage), yet relevant to my contemporary condition. This exploration, trying to find the relevant pitch and associations in the work means that these sculptures must evolve; the images which they contain within their forms, texture and colours are vital; they allude to a rich past and are firmly anchored in my present - but have to contain within themselves the excitement of a continual evolvement.

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Angel and Wall II, 2009

10 (H) ins

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